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Why clean your chimney regularly

As you snuggle before the warm heat of a fire from the wood stove enjoying a comfort passed down through the centuries, the last thing anyone thinks about is the state of their chimney. However, if you neglect your chimney for long enough, your enjoyment could be rudely cut short since dirty chimneys can cause fires, which destroy homes and structures and even kill or seriously injure people. After using a chimney for long enough, there is usually a buildup of contaminants and soot in the chimney called creosote, which can burst into flames at any moment putting your property and family at risk. The best way to minimize such risks is by employing the services of a chimney sweep company in Gauteng.

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The following are the benefits of chimney cleaning

A clean chimney keeps your family and home safe from chimney fires: You need the chimney as it is a critical component of your ventilation system that takes out toxins, fumes, and smoke from your stove and out of the house.

When should you clean your chimney?

While many chimney sweeping companies will recommend at least one cleaning in a year, you may need more than that depending on how much you use the chimney or the type of fuel and lighter you use for your fires. Nonetheless, you can tell that your chimney needs some cleaning if you see any of the following signs:

Causes of a Blocked Chimney

Many household chimneys will develop a blockage at one time or another due to the buildup of fire residue. A blockage is dangerous as it can result in poor ventilation that results in smoky fires that can cause carbon monoxide positioning as well as producing other toxic fumes. While residue buildup is typically the main culprit in blocked chimneys the following are some other causes:

Chimney Fires

Chimney fires can be dramatic and noisy enough and could burn explosively that they shoot dense smoke and flames from their tops while making low rumbling sounds resembling a low flying airplane or a freight train. Chimney fires are a dangerous consequence of not cleaning your chimney regularly. The high temperatures of a chimney fire can result in:

Creosote and Chimney Fires

The major cause of chimney fires is the buildup on the chimney shaft of a brown-black, flaky tar-like sticky substance known as creosote, that is highly combustible. While any amount of creosote can catch fire, it becomes a matter of concern if the buildup is big enough that it could sustain a huge destructive chimney fire. Creosote buildup is typically a result of cooler than normal chimney temperatures, using unseasoned wood, and restricted air supply.

Why you should use our chimney sweep services

There are many advantages to working with a professional chimney cleaning in Gauteng including: