Rosebank has many great businesses and plenty of fun activities.

There are many businesses that operate throughout Rosebank, from small business to large shopping centres to news corporations Rosebank has it all. High end buildings with an old feel to it Rosebank has many luxurious apartments and hotels. Rosebank business is dedicated to promoting small local businesses in Gauteng and aims to post a new article every week related to small business.


Firewood is one of the most cost effective heating methods in Gauteng. Find out more about firewood in Johannesburg ... read more

Rand Firewood Posted on the 06 June 2017

Chimney Sweep

Having your chimney sweeped annualy iin Gauteng helps reduce the chance of a chimney fire and keeps your fire roaring like it should be ... read more

Chimney Cleaning Posted on the 15 January 2019