Rosebank Small Business Guide

There are many businesses that operate throughout Rosebank, from small business to large shopping centers, Rosebank has it all. High end buildings with an old feel to it Rosebank has many luxurious apartments and hotels.

15 January 2019 by Chimney Cleaning

Chimney Sweeper in Johannesburg

As you snuggle before the warm heat of a fire from the wood stove enjoying a comfort passed down through the centuries, the last thing anyone thinks about is the state of their chimney. However, if you neglect ...

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06 June 2017 by Rand Wood

Firewood Supplier in Johannesburg

Contrary to what most people believe, firewood is the cheapest form of domestic heating in Johannesburg and Pretoria. It is readily available and the warm, cozy atmosphere it provides make for comfortable homes ...

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